Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 9: Robert's Grove

This morning we had the opportunity to attend a church service in the Red Bank Village. Those who attended found it to be a unique and cultural enriching experience. The entire service was delivered in Kitchi. Kitchi is the Mayan dialect predominantly spoken in this area. After the service, we regrouped, and headed for a relaxing day at Robert’s Grove in Placencia. Many heads of hair were braided on the car ride there in preparation for the sunny beach day ahead. When we arrived at Robert’s Grove, we were free to get lunch at the resort or surrounding restaurants. We spotted several iguanas hanging out around the resort, and some other students even saw manatees! We had the entire day to spend as we wished. Some people went kayaking, while others laid in hammocks on the dock. We could also swim in the ocean or in one of the many pools at the resort. Some people went for a run or a relaxing walk on the beach. We did have some rain, but luckily it blew over quickly.

When 6:30 approached, we all dressed up and enjoyed a nice dinner. We rented one hotel room to keep our stuff in, and we all did our hair and put on some nice beach dresses and polos. Only the brave souls could eat the fish, which was fried with the heads still on. It was delicious! The cake was also a big hit. Slightly sunburnt, we all enjoyed a nice meal together before heading back to Cardies. But it didn’t end there! We jammed out to some music on the way back. This trip has connected all of us as not only future teachers, but also as lifelong friends. Today was one that we will always remember. We all feel extremely blessed to have spent the day relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Now it’s back to lesson planning and preparing for tomorrow! We are re-charged and ready to go back to San Pablo and Red Bank. Although we’ve have a great weekend, we are ready to get back to our kids!

Ellen and Maddison
Alex and Taylor at dinner


Allison and Kelsey


The dock at Robert's Grove

One of the four pools at Robert's Grove

Iguana in the bush

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  1. It looks beautiful! Thank you for the daily reports and pictures.