Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 7: Fun Friday

   Today, you could tell at breakfast that everyone was excited that it was Friday and we had made it through four days of teaching! At San Pablo, we had a sports day. Which involved a volleyball tournament for the second half of the day. Teams were a mixture of ages and skills and divided into four teams (Cobras, Spiders, Mahogany, Toucan). Alex and Ricki’s team, Mahogany, were the champions of the volleyball tournament. We all enjoyed a day spent playing with the kids. The students and teachers of San Pablo really showed their competitive side and team spirit when each team had to create a “fight song” and chant it before the games started. The day was full laughter and friendly competition; which makes for a GREAT DAY!

            Caroline and her class took a trip to the river. This river is where the local people wash their clothes, bathe, and play. Caroline jumped in with all her students and cooled off before lunch. Although it was a day full of competition and fun, all teachers had a successful lesson this morning. On our ride, back to Cardie’s, we reflected on our first four days on teaching. We all feel a deeper connection with our students and even their families. Katelyn, Red Bank, had the opportunity to eat with a student’s family in their home. The students and families of Red Bank and San Pablo have been very welcoming. The kids have taken our hearts and it feels like we have been here forever. We are seeing that there are more similarities than there are differences. We can’t wait for next week and know that it will be a difficult transition when we leave the schools on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, we will be snorkeling in a reef and spending the day at the beach. We are looking forward to a restful day after a busy week. However, we know we will be missing the kids’ smiles every minute!

Caroline and Kara (San Pablo)

San Pablo playing volleyball 

Carra with her friend Oscar

Standard III boys at Red Bank 

Allison in front of the Red Bank sign 

Ellen at San Pablo

Winning team from game night (Kelsey's team)

Caroline in the river with her kids at San Pablo

A little girl showing her beautiful artwork. 

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