Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 10: Cockscomb Basin Excursion

Today was our tenth official day on our journey in Belize. We have been so fortunate in the opportunities that we have been given, whether it be our teaching at Red Bank and San Pablo or hiking in a Belize rain forest.


The San Pablo group went on the familiar bumpy road, passing farm 14 and what seemed like miles and miles of banana farms. Upon arriving at the school, we were welcomed with “good morning miss” and children gathering to greet us. The best part of the day is receiving hugs from students throughout the day. Friday the students in standard 2 (2nd and 3rd   grade) struggled to understand perimeter but today students finally built up their confidence. The looks on their faces when the concept finally clicked in their heads was so comforting. Every day I have a moment where my dreams of becoming a teacher are reaffirmed. The Red Bank crew arrived in the village and were warmly greeted as well. Students are always on time and ready for the school day. Students in standard 3 (4th grade) have been developing their writing skills and graphing skills. Students have shown me so much growth in the short time that I have been in their classrooms. These students continue to humble me every day, their Christian, family and community values are truly prevalent in all aspects of their lives.


Working with our teachers both at San Pablo and Red Bank have taught us valuable teaching and life lessons. Teachers are dedicated to their students and willing to help children throughout their learning process. All of our UofL group is dreading the last day goodbyes and the end of the school day tomorrow. We have truly loved every moment with these students and will never forget the lessons learned throughout our time. We have been gifted the opportunity to change students’ lives but they have changed ours just as much or more.


Belize it or not,


Katelyn and Kenzie
Alex at Red Bank with her Infant I students talking about measurement.

Kelsey at San Pablo helping Daisy make bracelets.

Kenzie at San Pablo with one of her students.

San Pablo

The top of Ben's Bluff at Cockscomb Basin

Cody on the hike

Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Ainsley, Katelyn, and Kenzie

Waterfall on the hike

Katelyn with some of her students at Red Bank.

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