Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 8: Silk Caye Marine Reserve

            Today because we were unable to see our kids, we embarked on our adventure to see the second largest Coral Reef in the world, located in the Caribbean Sea! Our day was spent on a small island with only each other as company. This gave us the perfect opportunity to learn more about each other and reflect on the past teaching days we have had so far.
            In order to get to the island, we rode in a water taxi and an excursion boat. Our dive instructors joined us to explain our three snorkeling experiences of the day. We saw an immense amount of diverse sea creatures, including angelfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, jellyfish, cowfish, and stingrays. On our last dive, we even had the privilege to swim with a shark!
            These unique snorkeling experiences created memories that will last us a lifetime. Afterward, we extended our adventure to Placencia. While there, we ate dinner and walked around to some of the locally owned shops, where handcrafted souvenirs and clothing were being sold. At the end of the evening, we treated ourselves to some delicious and authentic Belizean gelato. To end the night, Carel, the captain of our water taxi drove us safely back to Independence. Overall, everyone a wonderful and relaxing day.

Ricki and Maggie            
Leaving Independence on the hokey pokey to head to Splash Dive in Placencia. 

Some of the girls hanging out after eating our amazing lunch.

Caroline laying in a hammock with a hermit crab named Henry.

Scuba Steve (Cody) getting ready to go snorkeling. 

The island we stayed on for snorkeling.

Nicole and Allison enjoying some quesadillas from the Tipsy Tuna. 

A picture captured by Ellen of a hermit crab. 

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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday!