Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 5: Second day in the schools

Red Bank
In my two short days at Red Bank, I have had many different experiences. I have had the chance to teach two different math lessons and one writing lesson. My math lesson today was about probability. Students had the chance to flip U.S. coins and draw items out of bags to learn about the chance of something happening. The hands-on activities were very effective for my students. My writing lesson was about choice. Students were able to choose a topic they would like to write about we began the pre-writing stage today. I am continuing to grow in my relationships with students and teachers because this will allow for better lessons. Today, there was an assembly at the start of school to kick-off national education week. The school sang worship songs about God, had choreographed dances, and introduced each of the student teachers (us) to the entire school. I have also had the chance to play many games with not only my students but students from the entire school. I play fĂștbol with most of the students, and it is so much fun. The fĂștbol team at Red Bank has many trophies from the tournaments they have won against over schools. One thing that I have learned is that people are people...end of story. Overall, this trip has been more than great and I am excited about the rest!

 Cody (Standard II)

San Pablo:
It feels great to be back at San Pablo, seeing all of the students that I taught last year has been absolutely amazing. I am happy to be back and spending as much time with the students as possible. We had a big volleyball game after lunch where the U of L students played against the San Pablo teachers, although we lost 2-1 it was a great experience and all the kids loved watching the game! During our second teaching day, there were some outstanding lessons being taught by our U of L students. In Standard II the students are practicing their math skills by learning about fractions. The students were gathered on the floor in a circle, each with a set of fraction bars. The students worked with wholes, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, twelfths. Ms. Kenzie reviewed the fractions with the students and then gave them the task.

In the Standard III & IV classroom, the students were working on reading passages and figuring out what the highlighted words using context clues. To enhance this lesson for the students, Ms. Ricki and Mr. Acal brought the lesson to life so that the students could see the steps of the passage (which was a recipe) brought to life. Some of the students went home and gathered the ingredients for the recipe and they began to follow the steps of the recipe and brought the passage to life so that they could visualize the words. The students cut open a coconut, peeled off the husk and scooped out the white meat. This was a sight to see because in the U.S this would not be a lesson that we could do because the students are not able to leave the school grounds. Also, the students would not be able to bring in a machete to school and demonstrate opening a coconut. This was a perfect way of implementing the Culturally Responsive Teaching in our lessons.

These were only a few of the great lessons being taught at San Pablo.  I can`t wait to continue working with the U of L students to teach the students and to learn from the students as well.

Jordan (Student Leader San Pablo) 

Cody at Red Bank teaching proportions 

Nicole from Red Bank meeting her kids for the first time

Kaitlyn at Red Bank working with a student on measuring his foot and writing about what their feet do.

Katelyn at Red Bank working with students on bar graphs

Red Bank Group

Autumn at Red Bank working with students on finding area 

San Pablo Group: They pass by the banana fields on the way to school.

Alyssa at San Pablo teaching division of 2

Kenzie at San Pablo teaching fractions.

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