Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 6: Day 3 of teaching

            Today was a fantastic day at Red Bank with lots of writing! In the morning, our students were busy at work helping the classes complete their posters for education week. Many of our lessons were filled with writing opportunities for our students to improve their skills and execution.
PSA!!! Kelsey celebrated her 22nd birthday! It was filled with a lot of love, gifts, and cards from her students who adore ‘Miss B’.  – Happy Birthday, Kelsey!!
The afternoon was filled with tons of excitement as the teachers were all invited to a writing workshop put on by Dr. Finch. In this workshop, the teachers were welcomed to try new ways to implement writing in their students’ work and to create an environment that will encourage kids to become writers.
           While the teachers were working in their workshop, the rest of the school had a great time enjoying the beautiful sun during a well-deserved P.E period. 
Tomorrow, some of our students will be competing in a football (soccer) tournament in Maya Mopan. We wish our students the best of luck and hope to see a trophy back at Red Bank!

Nicole (Standard VI at Red Bank) 

           Today was another great day at San Pablo! Today I taught my Infant 2 babies (First grade) how to divide by three! I stayed up pretty late preparing for this lesson because I wanted everything to be perfect. I really thought about what my kids would enjoy doing, and how they learn best. We did a lot of guided practice and used counting bear manipulatives to divide into three equal groups (which they LOVED!). I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if the students would retain all the information I presented them with today, but I was immediately blown away with how quickly every student was able to understand division. These students were able to write, represent, and read aloud each division equation I presented them with FLAWLESSLY. At this moment, I was honestly almost brought to tears. I was fulfilled with joy knowing that my eager six, seven, and eight-year-olds were excelling in content that was completely new to them.

           For the remainder of my day at San Pablo I co-taught with my amazing teacher Mr. Chiac. We taught contractions as well as natural and man- made resources. We had the students walk around the school and the village to identify natural, and man- made resources. Although I absolutely love teaching my kiddos, one of my favorite parts of my day is during their breaks and lunch. During this time, I walk students to their homes and meet their families. I thoroughly enjoy conversing with students and their families as it allows me to learn about their culture and life in their village.

           I can’t believe that I only have three days left with my students! I hope I have touched their hearts, as they have touched mine in just three days! I am looking forward to all the memories we make within the next few days!

Alyssa (San Pablo Infant 2)

Cara and Caroline at San Pablo

Taylor taking some kids home from Red Bank 

Dr. Pentecost and Kelsey with kids from Red Bank 

Nicole with a Standard VI student from Red Bank 

Nicole, Maddy, and Kaitlyn with Red Bank students 

Ricki with students from San Pablo

Alyssa with Infant 2 students from San Pablo 

Ellen playing with bubbles at San Pablo


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  2. Happy Belated Birthday Kelsey! I hope you all are having good weather and your staying cool. How's the food and is it different then here?