Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 12: Last night in Belize

         What a fantastic last day in Belize! We spent today traveling, shopping, and reminiscing on the amazing memories from the past 12 days. We began our morning with breakfast at Cardies before we traveled to a shopping center near where we hiked the other day in the rainforest. After shopping, we continued traveling and stopped at the Art Box for some last minute souvenirs and then had a wonderful lunch at Cheers. After lunch, we went to the Belize zoo where several of us got into the cage where the jaguar licked you and ate from your hands. What a neat and unforgettable experience!  Our next stop was the Belize best western hotel for the night. After we got our room assignments, we relaxed and got ready for our final dinner on our trip!  Some people were lucky enough to meet up with Kenzie's family (who lives in Belize) to get a tour of Belize city before dinner!  We were served an amazing meal at our hotel to finish out the trip. After dinner, our team leaders gave each student a handwritten post card that detailed their work during our 12 days in Belize. They included pictures and heart felt messages with our post card.  After everyone received their post card, Dr. Pentecost gifted the leaders of the trip with something special to thank them for their tremendous help. Next, our amazing student leaders, Kelsey and Jordan, presented all of us with "superlatives" that made everyone laugh! After our superlatives, Jordan and Kelsey gifted all of the group leaders to thank them for their hard work.  Finally, Dr. Pentecost gave a "cord" made in Belize to each student who is graduating on Saturday to wear at graduation. It was so touching and special to receive this.

 Allison and Autumn


Cody, Kelsey, Jordan, Dr. Id-Deen, and zoo keeper.

Junior, the jaguar at the zoo.

Graduating Seniors from the trip.

Toucan at the Belize Zoo.


  1. This looks like it was an amazing learning experience full of fond memories!

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